UP / Dead bodies are flowing in Yamuna river in Hamirpur, stirring up the corona infection

Zoom News : May 07, 2021, 01:48 PM
Hamirpur (Uttar Pradesh): Amidst the growing infection of the corona virus, people were seen committing a dead body near the Yamuna river bridge in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh. Police found the dozens of dead bodies floating in the river after receiving information that dozens of bodies were found in Yamuna River in Hamirpur district.

Villagers shed dead bodies in the river

To know the reality of dead bodies in Yamuna river, police of Hamirpur police station reached the spot, it was found that a large number of people are dying in rural areas of Kanpur and Hamirpur districts. The villagers are shedding these bodies in the river.

Yamuna river flows on Kanpur-Hamirpur border

The Yamuna River flowing in Hamirpur district is on the northern side of Kanpur and the southern edge is in Hamirpur i.e. the Yamuna River flows as the boundary line of Kanpur and Hamirpur districts. People of Kanpur and Hamirpur district consider Yamuna river as Moksha right Kalindi and there is an old tradition of water flow in this Yamuna when there is death.

The number of dead bodies in the river increased during the Corona period

A few bodies have always been seen in the Yamuna river, but during the Corona period, there has been a flood of bodies in the river, which can be estimated that a large number of people are dying in the rural areas. Fearing the corona, instead of burning the dead bodies of the corpses, they are flowing into the river Yamuna and due to this, dozens of bodies are seen floating in the Yamuna river simultaneously.