Supreme Court / Delhi government got a blow from the Supreme Court, Naresh Kumar will remain the Chief Secretary.

Zoom News : Nov 29, 2023, 05:14 PM
Supreme Court: The ongoing dispute between Delhi and the Central Government is not new. Here, controversy always arises regarding some topic or the other. The latest controversy was regarding Delhi Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar. Naresh Kumar's tenure was to end on 30 November 2023. But even before that the central government gave him an extension of 6 months. This decision of the Center was opposed by the AAP government of Delhi.

Central government has full authority – Supreme Court

The matter went to the Supreme Court regarding this. Where after a long hearing, the court has accepted that the extension of service of 6 months to the Chief Secretary cannot be called a violation of the law. The Supreme Court accepted the Centre's argument that according to the new law, the Center has the right to transfer-posting officers and the Supreme Court has not banned this law. During the hearing, the court said that Delhi is a Union Territory and the Central Government has the right to extend the tenure of the Chief Secretary related to police, land, public order, which is beyond the ambition of the Delhi Government.

Central government had time today

Earlier on Tuesday, while hearing this matter, the Supreme Court had asked the Central Government that why are you stuck on only one person? Is there no other IAS officer for this post? Don't you have any IAS officer who can handle this post? After this, the court had asked the Center to explain its decision in detail and had given time till today i.e. 29th November.

Delhi government opposed the extension of service

At the same time, lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi, appearing on behalf of the Delhi government, had opposed this decision of the Central Government and argued in the court that there is a lack of trust between the Delhi Government and the Chief Secretary. Therefore Naresh Kumar should not be given extension in service. Singhvi said that I am not in favor of making a person of our choice the Chief Secretary. I say that the responsibility should be given to the senior most officers or a panel of names should be given and the CM and Lieutenant Governor of Delhi should discuss it.