Kalu Beti Death / Director of Rajasthani Masti kalu beti Ashish saini death, know the reason

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2021, 09:03 PM
Rajasthani Masti Kalu beti Death: Kalu Beti, who earned a big name after coming out of a small village in Rajasthan, ie Ashish Saini, is no longer among us. His sudden departure is a big blow to his family and his fans. The news of his death came to light on Tuesday. He did a tremendous job with his hard work and dedication, today Rajasthan is his on every child's tongue. It is said that he died due to consumption of food poisoning.

When and who gave the poison

Rajasthani language is the pride of the people of Rajasthan. And Ashish Saini was trying to take that forward. At the young age of 21, he has now said goodbye to this world. There is a discussion that on Sunday evening, Ashish had gone to a friend's place for dinner. Since then he started having trouble. Either he ate something in such a way that the effect on his body was reversed. Or someone fed them something wrong. This is a big question at the moment. Amidst all these circumstances, the possibility of something untoward with Ashish cannot be ruled out. The truth of his death is not yet clear, some of his friends are also saying that he himself had taken poison.

rajasthani masti youtube channel became famous

This question must be coming in your mind that how did Ashish (Director of Rajasthani Masti) become such a big artist. The reason behind it is his dedication and hard work. In the initial phase, he neither had a camera nor had any experience. But he kept working hard with selflessness and gradually his hard work turned into success. Today his name is on the tongue of every child of Rajasthan. People liked the pairing of Ladaya Contractor and Kalu Beti. His friend Sudeep Chaudhary plays the role of Ladaya Contractor. His death is a mental shock to his entire team.