US Presidential Election / Donald Trump again in trouble, made such a mistake that now he is not able to contest elections, banned

Zoom News : Dec 29, 2023, 09:29 AM
US Presidential Election: The troubles of former US President Donald Trump are not decreasing. He is trying to contest the presidential election next year, but President Biden's party is making every effort to stop him. Another Democrat ruled state, Maine, has banned Trump from contesting elections in the state. The State Secretary said that it was because of Trump's statement that the US Capitol was attacked in 2021.

Apart from Maine, Colorado has banned Donald Trump from contesting elections. Now Trump has no other option left except going to the Supreme Court. Colorado and Maine – Democrats dominate both these states and if there is no relief from the Supreme Court and Trump contests the elections, then his defeat is inevitable.

I will challenge the Secretary's decision

My secretary said that after the election, and especially on January 6, 2021, Trump had created a false narrative of election rigging and incited his supporters to enter the Capitol and therefore he should not have the right to contest the election. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is busy in election rallies and is running his campaign at a fast pace. His campaign head has made it clear that he will take legal action against the Secretary's decision.

Donald Trump banned from contesting elections in Colorado too

The Democrat Party is making all efforts to stop former President Donald Trump from being elected. For example, in many states, efforts are being made to bar them from elections under the 14th Constitutional Amendment. First of all, action was taken against Donald Trump in Colorado under this constitutional amendment.

Will Trump be able to contest elections next year?

It is too early to say that Donald Trump will not be able to contest elections due to the ban being imposed in these states. For example, some decisions of the US Supreme Court have been a relief to Trump. In some states like Michigan and Minnesota, attempts were also made to ban Trump from contesting elections, but these states refused to take action against him. Now the whole matter depends on the Supreme Court, where it will be decided whether Trump will be able to contest elections next year or not.