Noida News / Driver suffers heart attack in moving roadways bus, 5 crushed, 3 killed; 30 passengers were on board

Zoom News : Dec 13, 2023, 11:00 PM
Noida News: The driver suffered a heart attack while driving a roadways bus in Greater Noida. After this, the bus filled with 30 passengers went out of control and crushed 5 bikers going ahead. 3 died on the spot in the accident. Whereas, the condition of one is critical. The passengers somehow stopped the bus. The driver was taken to hospital, where his condition remains critical.

The speed of the bus was 50 km per hour

Let us tell you that the accident happened at 12:20 pm on Wednesday near the bridge of Mandi Shyam Nagar near Dankaur railway station. The speed of the bus at the time of the accident was 50 kilometers per hour. After the accident, the relatives of the deceased blocked the Noida-Lucknow highway. The police explained and pacified them. Roadways bus is from Bulandshahr depot.

The driver was lying unconscious in the bus

Roadways bus is from Bulandshahr depot. The bus was going from Noida to Bulandshahr at the time of the accident. Near Dankaur railway station suddenly driver Brahm Singh felt chest pain and lost control of the bus. The bus hit and crushed two bikes, then the passengers turned their attention to the driver. He saw that the driver was lying unconscious. Some of the passengers somehow applied brakes on the bus.

Names of the dead-

The driver of the bus has been identified as Brahm Singh, 38, resident of Salempur, Bulandshahr, while the deceased riding the bike have been identified as Sushil (35), Karan (32), resident of Bulandshahr, and Badan Singh (37), resident of Hathras. . Whereas, Kamlesh (39), resident of Etah, is injured. Badan and Kamlesh are brothers-in-law. Karan and Sushil were friends riding the second bike. Karan was preparing for recruitment in Delhi Police by staying at his sister's place in Dankaur.