Bollywood / Esha Gupta gets trolled for hot photos, said - why not the actors..,

Zoom News : Oct 22, 2021, 09:26 PM
Bollywood | The name of Esha Gupta is included in the list of those Bollywood actresses, who often come into the limelight with their bold pictures and videos on Instagram. On the one hand, while Isha garners a lot of accolades for her bold style, she also gets trolled many times. In such a situation, now Isha has given a befitting reply to the trolls on her hot photos.

Gender inequality is...

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Isha said, "This is a straight gender inequality. A lot of actors share their shirtless pictures on social media, but then why are they not asked to cover them? People see them and speak. It is- 'Wow brother what a body'."

mindset should be blamed

Along with this, Isha also took a dig at the thinking of those who say that girls' clothes are responsible for rape. Isha said, 'It is the mentality of the people which should be blamed. If the thought of exploitation or rape also comes after seeing the clothes of the woman, then it is a matter of trouble.

i don't react

Isha further said, 'I have now matured to such an extent that I do not react at all. I understand that whatever you do, people will point fingers. I remember that once I shared a picture in a sari, there was a comment on it - Today I have put the photo in full clothes. When I share photos with makeup on, I am called plastic beauty, when I share without makeup I am called crappy.'

I don't like women's progress.

Isha further said, 'Even today there are many people who do not like to see girls or women in a good place, do not like their progress. I think it is not only in our country, but in the whole world. Gender discrimination and inequality is everywhere. The rest who know me, they know that I am strong enough that if someone slaps me, I will hit two.