Rajasthan News / Everyone was taken out from the mine in Jhunjhunu – Some had fractures in their hands and some in their legs…

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 15, 2024, 08:26 AM
Rajasthan News: A big update has come to light in the Kolihan mine accident located in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. Last night, the lift machine in the mine of Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) had fallen 1800 feet, due to which 15 officers including the vigilance team got trapped inside the lift. All the people have been taken out safely. The condition of three is critical, who have been referred to Jaipur. The nursing staff of Jhunjhunu Government Hospital Shishram says that some have fractured their hands and some have fractured their legs. Everyone is safe.

More than 150 workers are also trapped inside the mine. Now they will be rescued.

After receiving information about the accident in Kolihan mine, the rescue team has left from Rampura in Bhilwara district in the night. Soon the rescue team of Rampura will reach Khetri. Neemkathana SP said that for now the local team is engaged in rescue work. Oxygen has been supplied to the officers trapped in the lift, so that they do not have any problem in breathing. SP said that all ambulances have been called from nearby hospitals. Teams of doctors have also been asked to be prepared for emergencies.

The vigilance team had entered the mine on Tuesday evening. While leaving the mine, the lift chain broke at around 8:10 pm. Due to which all the 15 people present in the lift got trapped in it. More than 150 laborers were working in the mine where the lift got stuck. All of them are also trapped inside the mine due to this lift accident. People trapped in the lift will be rescued first. Only after that will the workers be rescued. At present, 3 officers have been taken out safely. The officers who have been rescued are AK Sharma, who is the Deputy General Manager of Kolihan Mine, Managers Pritam Singh and Harsiram.

Copper mining was started here in 1967 by Hindustan Copper Limited. 24 million tonnes of ore has been extracted from here. Of this, 16 million tonnes are yet to be mined. After the lift accident, the rescue work is taking time due to the absence of a rescue team. The team of employees of SMS Company of Copper Mine and Khaitan Company reached Kolihan and started the rescue work. As soon as the rescue team reaches Rampura, further rescue work will be done.

No option to go inside except lift

Local workers told that the mine is very deep. Here the lift goes down at a speed of three meters per second. One can go inside only by lift. Apart from this there is no other option. This lift runs on iron ropes. There are two separate lifts for commuting. Every worker is medically examined before going to the mine. Without this, one is not allowed to go inside the mine. In Khetri copper mine, employees have attendance at two places. Even when entering and exiting the mine, so that the safety of the employee can be known. In the same sequence, it was revealed that 150 laborers were already present inside the mine. They too are stuck there due to a lift accident.

No one seriously hurt

Naumkathana Collector Sharad Mehra, who reached the spot at 1 o'clock in the night, said that at present everything is normal. There is no casualty. Minor injuries may have occurred, no one has been seriously injured. SP Praveen Nayak Nunavut said that everyone will be taken out in one to two hours. Khetri MLA Dharampal Gurjar said that the administration has already made arrangements for ambulances and doctors outside. Medical facilities will be provided to the injured immediately.