Prajwal Revanna Case / External Affairs Ministry's show cause notice to Revanna, asked- Why not cancel the diplomatic passport?

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 24, 2024, 08:00 PM
Prajwal Revanna Case: The Indian External Affairs Ministry has sent a show cause notice to JDS leader Prajwal Revanna asking why his diplomatic passport should not be cancelled. Many women have made allegations of sexual exploitation against Prajwal. After this he has been suspended. The Karnataka government has asked the Ministry of External Affairs to cancel Prajwal's passport.

The Ministry of External Affairs is planning to cancel Prajwal's passport based on the request of the Karnataka government. It is believed that Prajwal is hiding in Germany. Karnataka Police is searching for him in several cases related to sexual exploitation. The Ministry of External Affairs has started the process of canceling Prajwal's passport and this show cause notice is part of the passport cancellation process. According to sources, the show cause notice has been sent through mail. 

What is show cause notice?

Show cause notice is a government document. This is also called show cause notice. It tells why action can be taken against a person or company. It is also clearly written in this notice what loss he may suffer if the action is taken. In Prajwal's case, he has been told that if his diplomatic passport is cancelled, his stay anywhere outside India will be illegal and the government or police of wherever he is will be free to take action against him.

Serious allegations have been made against Prajwal

Prajwal Revanna has been facing serious allegations. He is the outgoing MP from Hassan and is also the JDA candidate in the current Lok Sabha elections. Voting for his Lok Sabha seat took place on 26 April. He left the country the very next day. The Ministry of External Affairs has started the process of canceling Prajwal's passport as per the Passport Act 1967. According to the rules, if Prajwal's passport is canceled then his stay abroad will be illegal and wherever he is, legal action can be taken against him and he will be considered an illegal infiltrator.

Karnataka CM has written a letter to PM Modi

The Chief Minister of Karnataka had written a letter on May 1 appealing to PM Modi to cancel Prajwal's passport. He wrote a similar letter for the second time on Wednesday. The special team probing Prajwal's case had appealed to the Ministry of External Affairs to cancel his passport after getting an arrest warrant against him from a court. On the request of the Special Investigation Team, Interpol has already issued a Blue Corner Notice against Prajwal.

Prajwal does not have a visa

The Ministry of External Affairs has made it clear that Prajwal had gone to Germany through diplomatic passport. No visa was issued for this, but holders of diplomatic passports do not require a visa to visit Germany. However, Prajwal was not issued a visa for any country. Prajwal's father HD Revanna has also been arrested in this case and has also got bail.