Entertainment / Fame TV Actress Donal Bisht Casting Couch Story will Give you Goosebumps

Zoom News : Oct 17, 2021, 06:14 PM
Entertainment : In TV's most controversial reality show, something like this happens every day, due to which the contestant or this show comes in the headlines. Contestant Donal Bisht of the show has been in the news for his bold style and in the meantime an old interview of his has come to the fore in which he told his experience about casting couch.

wanted to sleep with the director

In this interview, Donal Bisht has told how in the early stages of his career, he got such an offer, from which he has not been able to recover till date. In fact, the director had requested Donal Bisht to sleep with him instead of the film. In this interview given in the year 2020, Donal had told that a horrific incident of casting couch had happened to him.

Donal Bisht was new in the industry

The actress had also filed a complaint against that director. This incident happened in the early phase of Donal's career when an incident on the casting couch gave him a deep shock. The actress told that she was in shock for several weeks. He told that a filmmaker from South had asked Donal to sleep with him in exchange for the role.

Police complaint was made immediately

Donal Bisht told that he had made a police complaint immediately after the incident because his work for him is equal to worship. She said that even though she might have to struggle a little more, she was sure that she would make her own place in the industry and would not use any other means for this.