Bollywood / Fatal Accident Vijay Sethupathi film set viduthalai stuntman s suresh dies after falling from 20 ft height

Zoom News : Dec 05, 2022, 01:43 PM
Vijay Sethupathi Film Set Accident: Most of the credit for the films that people like goes to the actors and people forget that many people have played important roles in preparing the film. There are thousands of people on a film set and in such a situation, many times, unfortunately, even after all the safety precautions, major accidents happen. Sometime back, news has come to the fore that a major accident has taken place on the sets of a film in which a stuntman of the film has died. This accident happened due to falling from a height of 20 feet. Let's know who became the victim of this accident, which is the film set and which actor is working in it...

Big accident happened on the set of this actor!

For your information, let us tell you that here we are talking about a film set of South's industry, not Bollywood. Actor Vijay Sethupathi is shooting for a Tamil film titled 'Viduthalai'. This film is being shot in two parts and we are playing the role of Vijay in the film. A veteran stuntman has died on the sets of this film.

Man died after falling from a height of 20 feet

This stuntman was doing a job on the film set. This stuntman, S Suresh, with an experience of about thirty years, was shooting a film scene. According to a Times of India report, Suresh was shooting a scene in which he was tied with a rope and attached to a crane. After this they had to jump on the train coaches and run on a temporary bridge.

Police case has been registered

As soon as Suresh jumped, his rope opened and due to this he fell down from a height of 20 feet. The people of the set immediately took S Suresh to a hospital in Chennai but he died there. Please tell that a police case has been registered regarding this accident and according to reports, 54-year-old S Suresh has left behind his wife and two children.