Delhi / Final notice for 40 lakh vehicles of NCR confiscation started on the road 1196 vehicles seized

Zoom News : Oct 11, 2021, 06:07 PM
In the war against air pollution, action will now be started on diesel vehicles older than 10 years and petrol vehicles older than 15 years. Such vehicles will be confiscated by running a campaign. Amidst the apprehensions of increasing pollution, the Transport Department has prepared a plan in this matter. Along with this, the department has given an opportunity to the owners of vehicles who have completed their age to register in other states also. In this regard, the department has issued public notice four times in a month.

The Supreme Court has banned the plying of 15-year-old petrol and 10-year-old diesel vehicles in the Delhi-NCR region since 2018. The National Green Tribunal also does not allow plying of such vehicles. Since that time, sometimes action is also being taken against such vehicles in Delhi-NCR.

On July 7, the Environment Secretary of Delhi held a meeting with the Transport Department and the Traffic Police on the issue of vehicular pollution. Various issues were discussed in it. After this, the Transport Commissioner held a separate meeting on 14 July. After this, the Transport Department has submitted the list of old vehicles to its enforcement wing and traffic police.

A senior official of the department says that this issue is related to many people. But the problem of increasing pollution is worrying everyone. In such a situation, a plan is being made for action by running a campaign to not allow such vehicles to ply in Delhi. However, an appeal has also been made to the people to get their such vehicles registered in the states where they are allowed. Delhi Transport Department will give them NOC. If people do not do this then they themselves should come forward to scrap such vehicles. On scrapping the vehicle, the vehicle owner is paid a maximum of Rs 25 per kg.

Action is going on against such vehicles in Delhi-NCR since 2018

The number of 15 year old petrol vehicles is 38 lakh

The number of 15-year-old petrol vehicles in Delhi is more than 38 lakh, while the number of 10- to 15-year-old diesel vehicles is 7,700, which are not allowed to ply in Delhi. However, the Delhi government is contemplating going to the Supreme Court to give exemption to such vehicles. But environmental experts believe that Delhi is not going to benefit from this. At present, the department has launched a campaign against diesel vehicles older than 15 years.

Delhi: 959 such vehicles have been seized last year. Of these, 900 vehicles were seized by the Transport Department and 59 by the Traffic Police. So far this year, 1196 vehicles have been seized. In this 516 vehicles have been seized by the Transport Department and 660 by the Traffic Police.

Gurugram: Vehicles seized till October 10 this year: 396

Faridabad: No fine or seizure action has been taken on any such vehicle in the district.

Rewari: Only 10 vehicles have been seized by the police in the district. At the same time, the Regional Transport Authority has also seized 10 vehicles.