India / First I do difficult work PM Narendra Modi tells his experience and working style in Pariksha Pe Charcha

Zoom News : Apr 07, 2021, 08:34 PM
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday discussed 'Examination' with students, teachers and parents. Describing the exam as a very small step, he said that life is still too long. During this time many stops are coming. We should not create pressure, whether it is teacher, student, family or friends. He said that the pressure of the exam will never be felt if the outside pressure is reduced or dissipated. In the program organized in a virtual manner, Prime Minister Modi also took questions from many students and answered them. He also described his working style. PM Modi said that they work hard first of all.

PM Modi told his experience in the program

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also shared his experience in the 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' program. He said that when I was the Chief Minister, after that I became the Prime Minister, I also read a lot of reading. One has to learn a lot. Things have to be understood. So what I do is that the difficult things that happen, I start in the morning and I like to start with the hard things. The most difficult things my officers bring before me, they know that I have a different mood. I understand things very fast. Let me move towards the decision. Modi further said that in the morning, I go out to compete with difficult things.

'We start thinking a little bit more'

Prime Minister Modi said in the program that you are not afraid of exam, you are afraid of someone else and what is that? An atmosphere has been created around you that this exam is everything, this is life. We start thinking a little bit more. Examination is an opportunity to build life, it should be taken as it is. We should keep on looking for opportunities to test ourselves, so that we can do better. We should not run. PM Modi said, "We have one word for exam here - criterion. It means to tighten yourself, it is not that the exam is the last chance. Rather, the exam is a perfect opportunity to tighten yourself up to live a long life in a way. ''

'Don't just consider free time as empty, it's a treasure'

Talking to the students, the Prime Minister said that free time should not be considered just empty. Rather it is a treasure of ways. Free time is a privilege, it is an opportunity. There should be moments of free time in your routine. It also needs to be kept in mind that what should be avoided in free time, otherwise those things will be consumed all the time. In the end you will be fed up rather than being refreshed. Will start feeling tired. He said that people who are very successful in life, they are not proficient in every subject. But on a single subject, their grip on one subject is tremendous.

First virtual edition of 'Examination on Discussion' due to Corona era

Due to Corona virus, this year the 'Examination on Discussion' program was put up in a virtual manner. PM Modi also said at the beginning of the program that this is the first virtual edition of 'Examination on Discussion'. We have been living in the middle of Corona for the last one year and because of this, everyone has to innovate. I too have the temptation to meet you and leave this time and have to come among you in a new format. The Prime Minister said that it is a big loss for me not to meet you face to face, not to see the happiness of your face.