Panic in China / Flights cancelled, schools closed as new corona cases found

Zoom News : Oct 22, 2021, 06:54 AM
Beijing: The return of Corona in China has raised the concern of the whole world. New cases are continuously increasing here and in view of this, the Chinese government has started taking strict measures. Flights are being cancelled, schools have closed in many areas, and some places may see a re-lockdown. Let us tell you that Coronavirus spread from China to the whole world. Now one China has once again increased everyone's tension.

This is the reason for Outbreak

Infection is spreading rapidly in the north and northwest cities of China. The administration is assuming some passengers from outside are responsible for this outbreak. In view of this, the administration has started taking strict steps. Apart from mass testing, tourist spots have been closed, entertainment places have also been locked in places of infection and in some areas lockdown has also come.

About 60 percent of flights canceled

At the same time, an appeal has been made to the people in Lanzhou region of China not to come out of their homes. Those who are coming out are also being asked to show the negative report of Kovid. It is reported that 60 percent of flights have been canceled in the Xi'an and Lanzhou areas due to the increasing cases. There is also news that due to increasing cases in the Mongolian region, coal imports may also be affected.

Speed ​​​​in these countries also increased

Although for now only 13 cases have been reported in China in 24 hours, but the government is taking strict steps so that the situation like last year does not arise. The whole world has come under tension due to this tension of China, because the same thing happened at the beginning of the corona epidemic. Significantly, cases of corona infection have increased in many countries of the world. Especially in Russia, America and Britain, the speed of infection has increased.