India-Pakistan Relations / For the first time in UN, Pakistan cried bitterly out of fear of India, make these complaints

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 03, 2024, 08:00 PM
India-Pakistan Relations: Pakistan, which once used to harass India in every conversation on the basis of terrorists, has become so scared of Modiraj that it reached the United Nations (UN) to make strange complaints. You will also be surprised to see Pakistan pleading and crying in the UN with a long list of complaints against India. This time Pakistan's complaints were also strange. Let us now tell you why Pakistan is so scared and nervous of PM Modi's government...?

Pakistan has written a letter to the President of the United Nations Security Council and made a detailed complaint against India. In this, Pakistan has accused India of violating basic norms by making complaints related to international peace and security. It has been said in the complaint letter that we have found evidence that India is carrying out regional and extrajudicial killings in Pakistan. In this, the neighbor has also mentioned several murders that took place in his country, which were murdered by unknown assailants at different places in the past. But Pakistan has tried to make baseless allegations against India. Pakistan has also mentioned the killing of terrorist Muhammad Riyaz killed in Rawalakot, PoK last year and the killing of terrorist Shahid Latif in Sialkot.

Pakistan made this baseless allegation

Pakistan has said in its complaint against India in the United Nations that the said killings are a gross violation of international laws. This also involves issues of human rights along with sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan. Pakistan has said that the arrests we have made in these heinous cases reveal a network in which agents of a third country are involved along with Indian citizens. Pakistan alleges that India is carrying out such incidents by running recruitment campaigns through social media and other means.

The murder of Hardeep Nijjar is also mentioned in the complaint.

While raising its voice in the United Nations, Pakistan also mentioned the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar killed in Canada and said that such actions of Indian agents are not limited to Pakistan only, but are spread internationally including Canada. This also includes the case of attempt to murder Gurpatwant Singh Pannu in America. Let us tell you that India has already rejected the allegations regarding the cases of Canada and America which Pakistan is mentioning and has constituted a high level investigation committee in this matter.

Complaint about PM Modi's policy of killing by entering

Pakistan did not just stop here in complaining in the UN, but it also mentioned about PM Modi's talk about killing enemies by entering their houses. Pakistan said that after the news published in the British newspaper The Guardian on assassination operations abroad, a clear statement has come from India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh that if any terrorist from any neighboring country tries to harass India or carry out terrorist activities, If he does, he will be given a suitable reply. If he flees to Pakistan, we will kill him there.

Pakistan said that PM Modi also supports this policy. In the complaint, Pakistan has said that the above statements of Indian leaders are in a way an acceptance of their involvement in international killings. It is also tantamount to announcing our readiness to hang more civilians in Pakistan who are arbitrarily labeled as terrorists. Pakistan said that this is also a gross international violation of the United Nations Charter and human rights. After making all the above complaints against India, Pakistan has made demands from the UN to condemn it and hold such criminals responsible.