Bigg Boss 16 / Gautam vig soundarya sharma romance and kiss in bigg boss 16 house abdu shiv mocks them promo video out

Vikrant Shekhawat : Nov 07, 2022, 06:21 PM
Bigg Boss 16 | There is an on-off romance going on between Gautam Vij and Soundarya Sharma in Bigg Boss 16. His companions have told the relationship of both Bigg Boss and Salman Khan as fake. Despite this, both are claiming the truth of their love. Recently Salman Khan had shown a clip of Gautam to Soundarya, after which there was a fierce fight between the two. Now the closeness between the two has increased a bit. Abdu and Shiva ridiculed him fiercely. Not only this, both of them also copied the romance of Gautam and Soundarya.

Abdu copied Soundarya

Colors channel has released a new promo of Bigg Boss. In this, Soundarya is seen sitting on Gautam's lap. Both are very close to each other. At the same time, Abdu and Shiva sit and ridicule them. Abdu says, both are missing each other. After 2-3 hours, go to the bathroom again and kiss (he gives kissing expressions). After this Shiva and Abdu take a peek at Gautam and Soundarya. Abdu becomes Soundarya and sits on Shiva's lap. At the same time, Shiva acts as Gautam. Both call each other baby-baby. Then Abdu kisses Shiva and says, My Father-Mother Seeing.

Viewers get angry after watching the promo

Seeing the promo, people are telling him the second version of Ishaan and Maisha. People are telling their love as a fake love story and have commented that there will be a breakup as soon as they come out. On the other hand, the friendship of Abdu and Shiva is being liked by the people. People have trolled Soundarya and Gautham for romancing on the show.