Rajasthan / Gold worth 20 billion is buried 75 km away from Jaipur rising prices have raised hopes

Zoom News : Oct 05, 2021, 10:57 AM
Copper and gold buried in the Dhani-Basdi area of ​​Dausa district are once again on the radar of the Minerals Department. Rising gold prices have reminded the mining department of this forgotten treasure. After mining trials in the area, copper and gold were found in five million tonnes of ore, whose market value is being estimated in billions of rupees. The department is preparing for fresh mining here.

GSI and MECL have ensured the presence of gold and copper here by conducting mining tests on the Dhani Basdi project. According to the tests conducted by MECL in August 2008, the underground rocks here are part of the Mangalwad complex. In which the area of ​​​​Dhani-Basari, Aandhi-Bapi is included. Of the total 5.13 million tonnes of ore, 1.17 per cent copper and 1.27 gm per tonne of gold are present here. However for commercial production 3 grams per tonne is considered as viable.

Discovered about two decades ago

After discovering the possibilities of having metallic minerals in this area, GSI first started exploration here as a greenfield project about two decades ago. After initial indications, MECL started testing it as a brownfield project and in its 2008 report, it was ensured to have gold and copper. At that time, due to very low gold prices and relatively small amount of gold reserves here, it was not considered very viable. But still a private company had applied for mining here. The private company had told the possibility of extracting 31 thousand tonnes of copper and 1,07,795 ounces of gold from here in ten years of mining. According to the company, there are total deposits of 64705 tonnes of copper and 205750 ounces of gold. Now the mining department is exploring the possibilities of mining here afresh under the new policies.

Profit deal with the presence of copper

At present, the price of gold per ton in the international market is about four billion nineteen crore eleven lakh eighty thousand rupees. In this context, the value of gold emanating from here is estimated to be more than twenty billion rupees. Although according to experts, metallurgy cost will likely be higher due to less gold here, but due to the presence of copper, it can prove to be a profitable deal for the investors.

Now there are pits on the spot, the crop is standing

In the area of ​​​​Dhani Basdi, where GSI and MECL were engaged in the exploration of gold, they had taken samples of the ground with borewell technique and tested them. A lot of that land was the private account of the farmers as well as the Gochar land. After testing those borewells were closed by the department. Now there are pits and crops standing.

They say...

GSI did a lot of work in Dhani Basdi. Gold was also found here. But it wasn't in much quantity. Its availability was also very limited. Copper was also found here as well. By doing cluster mining here, it can be economically beneficial.

Planned efforts are on to speed up the exploration and mining of mineral wealth in Rajasthan. Exploration of gold reserves is going on in Bhukia. Possibilities of mining of gold reserves are also being explored in Dhani Basdi of Dausa.