America Bridge Accident / Governor Wes Moore called the ship's crew heroes, said 'they saved people's lives'

Zoom News : Mar 27, 2024, 08:23 AM
America Bridge Accident: A cargo ship collided with a bridge in Baltimore city of America, due to which the bridge broke and fell into the river below. Six people are missing in the accident. Regarding the accident, Maryland Governor Wes Moore said that the 22-member crew of the ship that collided with the bridge is all Indians. A warning message was issued before the collision with the bridge, which helped authorities limit traffic. The ship collided with a pillar of the bridge, causing the structure to break in several places and fall into the water within seconds. Someone made a video of this incident and posted it on social media. During this time the ship caught fire and black smoke started coming out from it.

Alert was given

Maryland Governor Wes Moore said, 'These people are heroes. He saved people's lives last night. He said the ship was moving at a speed of eight knots (14 km per hour). A 'Mayday' (emergency) alert was given moments before the ship hit the pier. This helped save lives as road traffic could be stopped.

The scene looked like a movie

State Transportation Secretary Paul Wiedefeld said the six people, who remain unaccounted for, were part of a construction crew filling potholes on the bridge. Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott called it "an unimaginable tragedy." He said, “You would never have thought that you would see this bridge collapsing. It looked like an action movie.”

The crew included 22 members

The Singapore-flagged container ship "DALI" collided with a pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore at around 1:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday. According to the information given by Synergy Marine Group, there were a total of 22 crew members of the ship and all of them are Indians. The ship is owned by 'Grace Ocean Private Limited' and was sailing from Baltimore to Colombo.

Explanation sought from crew

Ship management company Synergy Marine Group said in a statement that the owners and managers of the ship "DALI" reported that the ship collided with a pillar of the 'Francis Scott Key Bridge' in Baltimore at about 01:30 local time on Monday. It said explanations have been sought from all crew members and there are no reports of injuries. There has been no pollution. The exact cause of the incident is not yet known.