Special / Groom arrived in a coffin at wedding stage guest were shocked ot see this surprise

Zoom News : Nov 17, 2022, 07:43 PM
Groom Arrived in Coffin At Wedding Stage: In a wedding, people come to bless the bride and groom and think that their couple should be safe, but imagine if a coffin is brought to the wedding hall in a wedding, then the guests present there will be shocked. But a groom also did this to show his strange stunt. He suddenly emerged from the coffin on the wedding stage amidst the guests.

the wedding day is here

Actually, this incident is from a city in America. According to a report in the New York Post, a man living here was about to get married to his girlfriend. Before this, both of them were in a relationship with each other for a long time, then some time ago the boy had asked for marriage that both would get married later. After this the wedding day also came.

people surprised to see the coffin

Due to this action of the groom on the mandap on the wedding day, he had to be ashamed. It happened that on one side where there is a gathering of guests in the wedding ceremony. On the other hand, a truck reaches there. After this, six people take a coffin out of the truck. Then take it to the wedding hall. The guests who reached there were surprised to see all this. After this the coffin was taken among the guests.

some guests freaked out

As soon as the coffin was opened there, after a few seconds the groom himself came out of the coffin and people were surprised. A video has also gone viral in which it is seen that some guests stood in front of the groom's coffin to take pictures. While some guests flared up and started saying that it was all very scary and funny.