Special / Groom ran away from the stage bride got surprise in wedding watch video

Zoom News : Jan 13, 2022, 01:15 PM
Special | On the wedding day, not only the guests but also the friends of the bride and groom get to see the charm. He manages to win the hearts of people with his witty style. The family members also take great fun with the laughter made by friends. In the last few months, lakhs of marriages took place across the country, many videos of which are now circulating on different platforms of social media.

Somewhere, the fun of the bride and groom was seen, and somewhere the jokes made by their friends. Something similar was seen in a video going viral on the internet, when the groom leaves the stage.

The groom is ready to leave the stage and run away

Something similar was seen in a video that went viral on social media, when one of his friends gestures to the groom standing on the edge of the stage, he gets angry and leaves the stage. Yes, a man standing under the stage signals his friend to run away before getting married.

As soon as the groom sees his friend, he is ready to leave the stage and run away. After this, the groom gives the garland to his bride before Jayala and then leaves from there. Let us tell you that this is a prank video, which is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

Some kind of prank video made in front of the bride

This prank video of the bride and groom is going viral for a long time. Many such videos will be seen on Instagram, in which the groom's friends talk about leaving the stage and running away, but no one is ready. However, in this video the groom agrees to run away and this video is becoming fiercely viral.

As soon as this video was uploaded on Instagram by an account named Sanju Sherawat, people liked it very much. This video has been liked by 10 lakh people, while it has been seen about 50 lakh times. Many other users also gave their feedback on this video.