Special / Hands free telephone headset old tv commercial goes viral people says time has changed

Zoom News : Mar 26, 2023, 02:24 PM
Old TV Commercial: Technology has made people's world easier to a great extent. From mobile phones to TV and internet have made things very easy. Amidst all this, the smartphone has created a complete revolution. But an advertisement of how the phone was used in the olden days has gone viral recently. Although this advertisement is of 1993, but once again it is in discussion.

mirrored telephone conversation

Actually, recently this video has been posted from a Twitter handle. This video depicts an old fashioned telephone conversation. It has been shown in the video that earlier there was a lot of struggle while talking on the telephone and there was difficulty in catching them due to the wire being attached, after that a trick was used.

Backside of the phone to the headset

It is seen in the video that a headset has been used to stick the telephone to the ear. It was affixed to the telephone in such a way that it sat properly on your head and did not have to be touched. In this way, this conversation used to become very easy and you could talk to people even while doing your work. The headset was attached to the backside of the phone.

This trick later came to be known as hand free mobile. Although all this was definitely left behind after the arrival of new age mobile phones, but when you look back at these old advertisements, it is known that what kind of jugaads were used at that time, so that it could be easy to interact with people. . As soon as the video went viral, people started reacting to it and started remembering the old days.