Special / Group of ex girlfriends start protest infront of marriage hall in china Chinese Groom

Zoom News : Feb 12, 2023, 02:26 PM
Group Of Ex Girlfriends: Many strange cases of marriages have come to the fore from China as well. In this episode, recently such a case came to the fore which people were shocked to see. The guests who came to the wedding also started wondering how this happened. Preparations for the wedding were going on inside the marriage hall and outside, a group of girls suddenly sat on a dharna. Later it came to know that all these girls are the ex-girlfriends of the groom.

have had many girlfriends

Actually, this incident is from a southwest province of China. According to a report in South China Morning Post, the name of this groom is Chen. Recently this person's marriage was fixed, so he did not even tell the bride that he had many girlfriends. The day and date of marriage has been confirmed, the time of marriage has also come. The family members of the bride and groom reached the marriage hall.

shout out loud

Here the preparations for the marriage had been completed inside the marriage hall, the marriage was about to begin on the basis of local customs. Then a group of girls started demonstrating outside with banners and posters. There was loud shouting outside. When some people went outside and saw from inside the marriage hall, there was a stir.

the whole truth came to the fore

Those girls had clearly written on the banner poster that if this marriage takes place, we will ruin the groom. He has played with our lives. We are his ex-girlfriends. At first people did not believe, but when the matter increased, then the whole truth came in front of everyone. Eventually the groom had to come out of the marriage hall.

the marriage ended but

The groom also confessed that, yes, all these have been his girlfriend. The groom also accepted the mistake that he had not told the new bride about all this before marriage. For the time being, somehow the marriage got settled but there was definitely a rift in color and now his new wife is also angry with him. Although the groom has accepted his mistake.