India vs Bharat / Has Mayawati made a new move in the India vs Bharat debate? see how

Zoom News : Sep 06, 2023, 05:49 PM
India vs Bharat: Politics has heated up regarding changing the name of the country. There is a discussion going on to name India Bharat. If the BJP is openly advocating to keep the name Bharat, then the opposition alliance including the Congress is attacking the Modi government. In such a situation, BSP chief Mayawati has issued a statement on Wednesday, in which she is seen defending the BJP and blaming the opposition alliance for changing the name of INDIA. Mayawati clearly says that the opposition has given a chance to BJP by naming their alliance as INDIA. The BSP chief has raised the demand for the intervention of the Supreme Court in this matter, and at the same time she is also expressing concern about changing the constitution?

Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati said that the party and the opposition are together in the matter of changing the name of the country. There is collusion of both. BSP does not support this.

INDIA alliance on Mayawati's target

Questioning the name of INDIA alliance, Mayawati said that if the opposition had not named its alliance India, BJP would not have got this opportunity. Mayawati said that if the BJP had any objection to the name of the opposition alliance, then it should have approached the Supreme Court regarding the matter. The narrow politics that is being done on this issue is wrong.

BSP chief Mayawati said that we demand that the Supreme Court itself should take cognizance of this matter. He said that the Supreme Court should take suo motu cognizance and ban organizations having names which are named after the country. Otherwise, the dignity of the country will continue to be hurt like this. The opposition and the ruling party have got an opportunity to do narrow politics in the name of the country and because of that they will get a chance to tamper with the constitution.

He demanded that the central government should have banned the issue related to this matter (in the name of the opposition alliance) by changing the law. The Supreme Court should take suo motu cognizance in this matter.

One thing is clearly visible from Mayawati's words that her target is more opposition alliance INDIA than BJP. That's why Mayawati has put all the allegations on the opposition and has said that if the opposition had not kept the name of its alliance INDIA, then today this situation of changing the name of the country would not have arisen.

Mayawati's ploy to save vote bank

The meaning is clear that only the opposition alliance is responsible for the talk of renaming INDIA as Bharat. Not only this, the Supreme Court has demanded a ban on the INDIA alliance. In this way BJP was also seen defending, but definitely expressed concern over the possibility of changing the constitution. Mayawati's political implications are also hidden behind this.

Actually, BSP is not a part of the opposition alliance INDIA. Mayawati has announced to contest elections alone, but her opponents in Uttar Pradesh are with SP, Congress and RLD INDIA alliance. Not only this, Dalit leader and president of Azad Samaj Party Chandrashekhar Azad and Krishna Patel and Pallavi Patel of Apna Dal (Kameravadi) are also with the opposition alliance. In this way BSP has been isolated in UP. There is no place for him either in NDA or in INDIA.

BJP is in such a strong position in Uttar Pradesh, due to which there is not much space for BSP there. The scattered Dalit and extremely backward vote bank of BSP has become the political base and strong vote bank of BJP. In such a situation, why would BJP want to take him along and give him a chance to emerge politically again?

Mayawati also has a political compulsion that if she goes with BJP, there is a danger of BSP losing its Muslim votes. There will be a chance to prove BJP's B-Team narrative on BSP. In this way, if Mayawati is not able to find a place in the opposition alliance, then there is no way for her to go with BJP. In such a situation, Mayawati is taking steps on the path of 'Ekla Chalo' and her target is more the opposition alliance than the ruling BJP.

Why Mayawati attacks on 'INDIA'

BSP chief Mayawati is not just attacking the opposition alliance but there is a well-thought-out strategy behind it. Mayawati is understanding that she is not going to get any major political benefit by attacking BJP, because the voters who are with BJP are not going to move at the moment. In such a situation, Mayawati also has her own core vote bank among the votes which the opposition alliance is trying to consolidate. SP has made an effort to connect Mayawati's vote bank with itself by including all the BSP leaders in UP.

Congress has started the campaign to consolidate Dalit votes by appointing Mallikarjun Kharge as the party president. Congress has also got political benefit from this in the Karnataka assembly elections. 82 percent voters of Dalit community have voted for Congress in Karnataka. In UP too, Congress is trying to regain Dalit votes, while in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the party's focus is on this vote bank.

In such a situation, Mayawati feels that her threat is more from the opposition than from the ruling party. That is why Congress and the opposition alliance are more on their target than BJP. Mayawati is also in danger of political loss on this, but time and politics have brought her to such a place where the political path is becoming difficult for her?