Country / How these 15 companies of India looked like in their early days see in these photos

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2021, 08:13 PM
Change is the law of nature. Humans also change according to time and things made by humans also. Sometimes we feel this change ourselves and sometimes this work is done by pictures. Pictures only make one feel of the past. Along with this, she also narrates the journey decided with her. Something similar happened after seeing Indian companies too. Seeing these companies, hotels, banks, brands that reached the pinnacle of success today, I cannot believe that they have come such a long way.

These black and white photos are for those who haven't seen that era:

1. Shalimar Paints was started in 1902.

2. This blurry picture of 1895 is of Punjab National Bank, which started from Lahore.

3. In 1907, the Tata Steel plant was set up in Jamshedpur.

4. Britannia's stuff has been eaten a lot, now look at the company too.

5. Has anyone driven this TVS motorcycle?

6. The journey of Birla started in 1919

7. Raymond started his short journey from Thane in 1925.

8. Name is enough

9. MDH Company is earning crores today

10. CIPLA was started in 1935

11. Our Favorite Parle Brand

12. Mahindra 1945

13. Taj Hotel was opened in Mumbai in 1902

14. This is Kolkata's Favorite Pre-Independence Restaurant

15. Favorite Brand of India

Seeing the pictures, you must have understood that all these companies were started on a small scale, but today they are famous all over the world with hard work and mind.