Uttarakhand / How to make luxurious resort where there is no road Many questions arose after Ankita Bhandari murder case

Zoom News : Sep 25, 2022, 01:25 PM
Uttarakhand | After the Ankita murder case, many questions have also been raised on the luxurious resort operated in Uttarakhand. The BJP leader of Gangabhogpur in Yamkeshwar tehsil area, whose son was the receptionist of Pauri's daughter Ankita Bhandari in the resort, was operating without a licence. It has become clear after the report of the district's tourism department in this matter.

Dozens of villages in Yamkeshwar block adjoining Rishikesh have to face many difficulties in their normal life due to strict rules of Rajaji National Park. But dozens of resorts have opened inside this park. The voice of the villagers is always suppressed in front of the influential. Dozens of resorts have opened during the last decade in Henwal Ghati, Tal Ghati and Danda Mandal in Yamkeshwar block.

According to Harish Kandwal, a resident of Cycle Bari, the road going from Gangabhogpur to Dandamandal has not been paved due to the 11 km road being inside the park. The bridge is not being built on the Dharkot-Juledi motorway in Talghati, due to which 14 km of road is not being built. On the other hand, resorts are opening inside these forests. According to Harendra Singh Payal, a farmer of Dhoshan village adjacent to the park, there is a problem with the park land in the construction of the Tyado-Vindhyavasini road, but no one has control over the ongoing resort here.

BJP leader's resort was running without registration

The resort of Gangabhogpur in Yamkeshwar tehsil area, where Pauri's daughter Ankita was the receptionist, was operating without a license. It has become clear after the report of the district's tourism department in this matter. According to the report, Vanantara Resort has not been registered as a tourism unit.

Whereas the rule is that no hotel, resort etc. can be operated without registration. But this is what happened in the case of this resort. To run such units, operators have to get registered under the Uttarakhand Tourism and Travel Business Registration Rules.

For registration, along with the NOC of the fire, important formalities like land documents, map, service tax, PAN etc. have to be completed, only then the tourism department registers the hotel or resort, but this resort owner operating in Gangabhogpur, Yamkeshwar No such application has been made in the same department.

It was told that first guest house was built under the guise of factory and then it was operated as a resort. On the other hand, Pauri DM Pauri Dr. Vijay Kumar Jogdande has told about the resort that at present the resort has been sealed. An investigation has been started on whether it is illegal or not.