India / Ankita bhandari murder mobile phone will reveal secret vips used to get extra service at vanantara resort

Zoom News : Oct 02, 2022, 09:56 PM
New Delhi : The SIT constituted to investigate the murder in the Ankita murder case has completed the investigation to a great extent. From extra service to VIP, investigation is going on on every aspect. DIG P. Renuka says that the investigation of the case is in the final stage. Soon the charge sheet in this case will be filed in the court. It is claimed that there was a separate accommodation for VIPs in the resort.

VIPs staying in this were given special facilities. On Sunday, SIT in-charge DIG P. Renuka Devi spoke openly about the investigation in the murder case. He told in Laxmanjhula police station that the investigation of the SIT has progressed a lot. The team has done a lot of work on the motive of the murder and how it happened.

All the workers working in the resort have been questioned. Along with recording the statement, the team has also taken possession of the evidence present with him. The DIG said that there was not much fighting in the resort, but some incident has definitely happened there. This is also part of the night on which the murder took place. In the investigation, it has come to the fore that the resort has rooms and VIP suites in it.

Search for two more mobiles used in the murder

The mobile of the accused was already recovered. There are one or two more mobiles, which are being searched. SIT in-charge P Renuka Devi has given this information. Told that Patwari Vaibhav Pratap Singh has been questioned. There are some key witnesses, who are directly related to this incident.

Everyone has been questioned. Their statements have also been recorded. Ankita's friend has also been questioned. At present, there are three accused in this case. Apart from these accused, there is no evidence regarding anyone else. If the evidence is found in the investigation, then action will be taken.

The accused were sent to Pauri jail

After the completion of the remand of the killers of the Ankita murder case, the SIT has got them admitted to Pauri Jail. On Sunday morning, the team brought him to Pauri. Police sources said that the investigation was done from every angle. The crime scene was also recreated on the spot regarding the accused.