Uttarakhand / Why hurry for Ankita Bhandari last rites ruckus between police protestors while taking dead body

Zoom News : Sep 25, 2022, 05:30 PM
Uttarakhand | Why is the funeral of Ankita Bhandari in such a hurry? Without giving any written assurance to the victim's family, the administration tried to take the body for last rites on Sunday evening. But, the administration did not move in front of the huge crowd and the anger of the protesters. A large number of protesters lay down in front of the mortuary as the police tried to take away the body.

The protesters are demanding that one crore rupees should be given to the victim's family and any family member should be given a government job. Said that even after protesting since morning, no written assurance was given by the government. The protesters expressed their displeasure that they have been protesting since 7 am, but no responsible representative from the government came forward to hold talks.

However, District Magistrate Vijay Kumar Jogdande reached the spot and requested the protesters to open the jam, but the protesters did not agree. Protesters have blocked the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway in Srinagar since Sunday morning, leaving a large number of commuters stranded.

Pauri administration left sweat

In view of the protest and the jam in protest against the Ankita murder case, the hands and feet of the administration swelled. A large number of police and administration officials present on the spot appealed to the people to open the jam after holding talks several times. But the anger of the people broke out on him. DM Pauri Vijaykumar Jogdande said that when this incident happened, the family filed a report on September 20, police arrested three accused within 24 hours and revealed the matter on their spot. A panel of four doctors conducted the post-mortem at AIIMS Rishikesh. All the proceedings of which have been recorded.

Chauras and Dang Bazar including Srinagar, Kirtinagar, Srikot closed

In protest against the Ankita murder case, merchants in and around Srinagar also expressed deep outrage on Sunday. Markets in Srinagar, Kirtinagar, Chauras, Dang and Srikot Ganganali remained completely closed throughout the day as a protest. Traders in Srinagar strongly condemned the incident by holding a condolence meeting and expressed their sympathy to the family members.

The traders demanded from the government to give proper compensation to the family members and strictest punishment against the culprits. On the occasion, District President of Business Council Vasudev Kandari, President of Srinagar Business Assembly Dinesh Aswal, President of Dang Saurabh Pandey, President of Shrikot Naresh Nautiyal etc. said that the business class is with the victim's family.

Passengers were suffering due to jam, remained hungry and thirsty due to being stuck for hours

In front of the mortuary of the Medical College in Srikot Ganganali, a large number of passengers were stranded due to the jam on the highway. During this, the administration diverted traffic from Sweet Bridge via Pauri Chungi, Chauras bridge. But after getting the news of this, people also reached towards the sweet bridge to blockade.

Due to which there was a long jam on the side of Chauras and also from the side of Dhari Devi temple. Due to which people have to travel four kilometers from both the sides. Was forced to get stuck in the jam. However, due to the diversion of vehicles from Pauri Chungi to Rudraprayag, there was some relief from the jam.

Commuters from Gujarat returning from their journey to Badrinath, who were stuck in the jam, reached the jam site and narrated their pain saying that they were stuck in the jam since 11 o'clock. Said it is hurting them. But he is hurt by what has happened to the daughter of Uttarakhand. He said that people are hungry and thirsty in the jam. Nothing is being done by the administration to provide relief to the people stuck in the jam.