Dunki vs Salaar / How will Prabhas save himself from SRK? These 7 factors of Dinky will become a threat to Salar!

Zoom News : Dec 07, 2023, 06:00 AM
Dunki vs Salaar: If we don't stop them, then who are they to stop us... Shahrukh Khan has cemented his throne by following the path that Shahrukh Khan had chosen for himself in the beginning of the year 2023. . But the test is not over yet, one more move remains to be made. After 'Pathan' and 'Jawaan', it will not be so easy for 'Dinky' to create the same ruckus at the box office as it has done before. The biggest reason behind this is Salaar and Prabhas… But Shahrukh Khan has prepared those seven factors even before the release, in front of which even the best of the best would lose their sweat, then what are action films? Only 4 days have passed since the trailer of Salaar was released, but 65 million people have watched it so far. Whereas, Dunky has got 64 million views in just one day.

21st December will definitely be a memorable day, whether it is in the name of Shahrukh Khan or Prabhas... both the actors have made preparations. But Shahrukh Khan has those explosive records of this year, which is not within everyone's reach. If Donkey's Hardy succeeds in doing the same feat again, then no one will be able to touch King Khan.

Will you hit a winning sixer for Rajkumar Hirani?

When Shahrukh Khan made a comeback with his first film in 2023 after a break of 4 years, no one knew that this year was going to be in the name of King Khan only. But Shahrukh himself knew very well that the reason behind it was the strategy which took him four years to formulate. However, till now it has proved to be the best for both the films. Director Rajkumar Hirani has got the support of Shahrukh Khan in Donkey. Let us tell you that till now he has directed 5 films and all of them have been blockbusters. In such a situation, the responsibility of maintaining this record lies on Shahrukh Khan.

Powerful performance with emotion

Be it comedy or action and emotion… a combination of everything is seen in Shahrukh Khan's films, and these are the factors that made Shahrukh crowned the king of Bollywood. Once again, there are some similar scenes of Shahrukh Khan in 'Dinky', in which he is seen getting emotional. Be it Pathan or Jawan… there was definitely an angle in both the films, in which Shahrukh Khan's emotional scenes were successful in creating chaos at the box office.

Shahrukh will be seen in action avatar with a gun in his hands

After the trailer of Salaar, there was definitely a fear in the hearts of Shahrukh Khan's fans, which is Prabhas's action packed performance and why not... The trailer of Salaar is very powerful and no one can guess that something like this will happen in the story of Donkey. Neither was it. But what was not expected happened. When Shahrukh Khan entered with a gun in his hands for his loved ones, he got the biggest formula to compete with Salar.

This scene of Dinky will give you goosebumps, which is a threat to Salar!

What was not seen till now even in Pathan and Jawan, is about to happen now. A hair-raising scene was also seen in the trailer of Donkey, which is constantly being discussed on social media. Where Shahrukh Khan is seen walking after setting his body on fire. The style of the film may be the same old but Shahrukh Khan is seen in a new form with the story.

Shahrukh Khan will create a stir with Taapsee for the first time

Anushka, Katrina, sometimes Deepika… Shahrukh Khan has entered films many times with these beauties of Bollywood, some were hits and some films did not get any love from the audience. But this time too Shahrukh Khan is going to do the same thing which he did in Jawan a few months ago. Entry in the film with a new actress… However, even before the release, the chemistry of both has won the hearts of the fans. Firstly, Taapsee Pannu is seen supporting Shahrukh Khan who played Hardy in the film. So this love-filled scene on the train will be nothing less than icing on the cake for the fans.

Donkey's star cast is the biggest winning factor

If Shahrukh Khan had not been there, there would have been neither Pathan nor Jawan… Similarly, King Khan is very important for Dinky too. But apart from them, the stars who will be seen in the film are working as a plus factor for Donkey. Vicky Kaushal whose Sam Bahadur may have lagged behind Animal in terms of earnings, but no one can catch up with him in acting. Taapsee Pannu is also known for her excellent acting and even more so, the actress' outspoken style is enough to add charm to any role. If we talk about Boman Irani, then this veteran actor is Rajkumar Hirani's trump card. Who has appeared in all the films of Rajkumar Hirani.

Not only emotion and action, there is a lot of comedy in Dunki.

The three things required to make a film a blockbuster, entertainment, entertainment and entertainment… all three are present in it. Not only is there emotion and action in the trailer, there is also going to be a lot of comedy, a glimpse of which the fans have also got to see. In such a situation, it is very important to prepare a strategy for how Prabhas is able to make his film 'Salaar' a blockbuster and give competition to Shahrukh Khan just by action. However, in whose name the day of 21st December will be held, it will be known only after the release.