Rajasthan Politics / I did not threaten Ravindra Singh Bhati... clarification came from gangster Rohit Godara

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 28, 2024, 08:18 AM
Rajasthan Politics: Rajasthan's notorious gangster Rohit Godara has made a big claim about Ravindra Bhati through a post on social media. Rohit Godara wrote in his post that my name has been misused to threaten. Godara said that I did not give the threat, I have nothing to do with it. Let us tell you that Ravindra Bhati is the Lok Sabha candidate from Barmer, Rajasthan. Actually Rohit Godara has absconded from India and is sitting abroad. Godara is associated with Lawrence Bishnoi gang. In his post, Rohit said that my name has been misused, the police should investigate it.

Threat to kill Ravindra Bhati

Rohit Godara wrote in his post that I came to know through news that Ravindra Singh Bhati has received a threat through a Facebook post in my name. Godara wrote that I have nothing to do with this threat. Ravindra Bhati, coming from a poor family, is working for the welfare of the society in his journey from student politics to Assembly Lok Sabha. The politicians in power are not able to digest this.

Investigate threatening posts impartially

For this reason, efforts are being made to suppress my name by misusing it. Godara wrote that we have no fight with any particular caste. Our fight is well known. Through this post, Godara appealed to the police to conduct an impartial investigation into the threatening post. Godara also wished Ravindra Bhati all the best.

Murder of gogamedi

Let us tell you that Rohit Godara came into discussion after the murder of Gogamedi in Rajasthan. After which many agencies have tightened their grip on Rohit Godara. Besides, a Red Corner Notice has also been issued by Interpol against Godara.