Rajasthan / IAF's C-130J Super Hercules lands at Emergency Field Landing in Rajasthan's Jalore

Zoom News : Sep 09, 2021, 11:52 AM
On Thursday, Defense Minister Rajnath and Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the Emergency Field Landing Strip on the highway 40 km from the Pakistan border. Army's Super Hercules, carrying Rajnath and Nitin Gadkari, landed on a 3-km air strip on the highway. After this, fighter jet Sukhoi made a landing on the country's first emergency airstrip adjacent to the Pakistan border. Fighter jets like Jaguar and MiG will also touch down here in a while.

Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari had left Delhi from Hercules and their plane landed at Agdwa-Jalore emergency runway at around 11 am. There will be aircraft operation and flypast of fighter planes on the airstrip.

>Emergency strip built at a cost of 33 crores

33 crores have been spent in making this airstrip. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari were present in a plane landing on an airstrip for the first time apart from the airport. About 12 such highways are being built in the country in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and Transport.

The landing program for Sukhoi Su-30, MiG and Jaguar will continue till 12:30 pm. After this program, Rajnath and Gadkari will leave the airstrip and reach Jaisalmer airport at 1.15 pm.

From the parking of the plane to the washroom at the emergency runway

The emergency airstrip built at Agadawa, the border of Barmer-Jalore district, has been made for emergency use for the Air Force. 3 km of this airstrip built at a cost of Rs 32.95 crore. length and 33 meters in width. Two parking lots of size 40X180 meters have also been made at both the ends of the runway, so that the aircraft can be parked after landing.

Apart from this, ATC plinth of size 25X65 meters has been constructed with double storey ATC cabin which is fully equipped with washroom facility. Apart from this, a 3.5 km long and 7 meter wide service road has also been built near the emergency runway.

These countries also have highway emergency airstrips

Several countries, including Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan, Finland, Switzerland and Singapore, have built such runways on their highways and expressways for aircraft to land and take off in case of emergency.

This is the first emergency airstrip in India, which has been completed. While two such airstrips are being built in Andhra Pradesh, one each on national highways in West Bengal and Jammu and Kashmir.

The runway is operational on the Lucknow-Agra Expressway in Uttar Pradesh. On which the Air Force did a trial in 2017. In India, it is proposed to build an airstrip at about 12 places on such a highway, in which work is going on in many places and some places are to be started.