Viral News / ICICI Bank changed the service charge! From August 1, now this much will have to be paid for checkbook, ATM, cash transactions

Zoom News : Jul 06, 2021, 07:11 AM
New Delhi: ICICI Bank Alert: The big private bank of the country is important for the account holders of ICICI Bank. Bank cash transaction, ATM intercharge and checkbook charging rates are going to change. These changes will be applicable for its domestic savings account holders next month.

According to ICICI Bank's website, revised charging will be applicable from August 1, 2021. Changes in the range of cash transaction charging will be according to the type account. So your account is what type of type.

ICICI Bank replaces check book

Now ICICI Bank's account holders get 20 leaves in the checkbook free in the year, after this, if more Livs want, then 10 lives have to pay 20 rupees to customers. But now he will get a checkbook free in the year, there is no change in the charging. That is, 20 rupees will be given for 10 leaves.

ICICI Bank changes cash deposits charge

Anywhere Cash Deposit - If you deposit in the branch of ICICI Bank, 5 rupees per thousand rupees or its share, minimum 150 rupees.

Cash Recycler Machine - If there is no charge for cash deposits for a calendar month before deposited, in the month, 5 rupees per thousand rupees or its share, minimum 150 rupees.

ATM Interchange Charges (Non-ICICI Bank ATMs)

1. If you remove cash from a non-ICICI Bank ATM, then 6 metro cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad) will be the first three transactions in a month. These financial and non-financial transactions are included.

2. For the rest of the other locations, 5 transactions are free in the month. After this, 20 rupees will be charged at any financial transaction, and will charge 8.5 rupees on any non-financial transaction. Now there is no charge on them.

Cash transaction charge (both deposits and clearance)

1. ICICI Bank for Regular Saving Account Every month gives 4 cache transaction free. 150 rupees will be given on every transaction after the free limit

2. Home Branch and Non Home Branch include both transactions in Value Limit (deposit + clearance)

3. Home Branch - Value limit in the Home Branch for customers from August 1 will be Rs. 1 lakh per month, at 1 lakh every 1000 rupees will be charged or the minimum 150 rupees.

4. Non Home-Branch - No charge on cash transactions of Rs 25,000 per day. After this, 5 rupees will be charged at every 1000 rupees, the minimum 150 rupees.

5. Third party cash transaction (deposit + clearance) - per transaction to a limit of Rs 25,000, Rs 150 per transaction

6 Senior Citizen Customers, Young Star / SMART STAR Accounts will be applicable to a limit of Rs 25,000 per day, no charge will be taken.

ICICI Bank Regular Plus Salary Account

There will be no charge on the first 4 transactions in a month. After this, 5 rupees will be charged at 1000 rupees transactions, minimum 150 rupees.