Petrol Diesel Price / If Taj Mahal is not built, then petrol would be available for 40 rupees, Mughal responsible for inflation! Why Owaisi gave this statement

Zoom News : Jul 05, 2022, 06:54 PM
Petrol Diesel Price: Hyderabad MP and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has blamed the Taj Mahal behind the rising prices of petrol. Owaisi, who has always been an attacker on the BJP and the central government, said tauntingly that if the Taj Mahal had not been built, then the price of petrol would not have been so high today. Owaisi said that if Shah Jahan had not built the Taj Mahal, today the price of petrol would have been ₹ 40 per liter.

Petrol expensive because of Taj Mahal?

Accusing the ruling party of blaming the Mughals and Muslims for all the problems of the country, Owaisi said, "Youth in the country are unemployed, inflation is rising, diesel is being sold at ₹ 102 per liter, in reality Aurangzeb is all this. Not responsible for (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi. Emperor Akbar is responsible for unemployment. Petrol is being sold for ₹104- ₹115 per liter, whoever built the Taj Mahal is responsible for this. today petrol sells for 40 rupees

He said, 'If he (Shah Jahan) had not built the Taj Mahal, today petrol would have been sold for Rs 40. Prime Minister, I accept that he (Shah Jahan) made a mistake by building the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. He should have saved that money and handed it over. It should have been handed over to Modi ji in 2014. On every issue they say that Muslims are responsible, Mughals are responsible.

Did only the Mughals rule India?

Owaisi asked, 'Did only Mughals rule India? Not Ashok? Chandragupta Maurya did not? But the BJP can only look at the Mughals. They see Mughal with one eye, Pakistan with the other. Owaisi said that the Muslims of India have nothing to do with the Mughals or Pakistan. We (Muhammad Ali) had rejected Jinnah's proposal and will celebrate 75th anniversary of independence this year. The 200 million Muslims of this country are witness to the fact that their ancestors rejected Jinnah's proposal and stayed in India.

'We will stay here and die here'

Owaisi said that India is our beloved country. We will not leave India. No matter how many slogans you raise, tell us to go. We will live here and die here.