Business / If you have Aadhaar card, then download this mobile app, your work will be done in a jiffy

Zoom News : Nov 21, 2022, 06:58 PM
Aadhaar Card: Aadhaar card is an important document in India. Through Aadhaar card, people can also easily provide verification of their identity. Aadhaar is the most important document which is required to access various types of services. Carrying physical Aadhaar card can lead to its loss. To solve this problem UIDAI has launched mAadhaar application which allows users to save their Aadhaar cards and carry them anywhere. Let us know what are the benefits people can get from mAadhaar.


mAadhaar app is the official Aadhaar app launched through UIDAI, which allows Aadhaar card holders to carry their demographic data and photographs with them on their smartphones. Aadhar card holder can add his/her profile in the app and can access it whenever and wherever he wants. The app allows you to create up to five Aadhaar profiles. The app is well protected by means of a password which the user has to enter every time the app is launched.

Features of mAadhaar---

You can download Aadhaar.

- Can regain lost base.

- Can see Aadhaar offline.

- Can distribute paperless eKYC or QR code to service providers.

Aadhaar can be secured by locking Aadhaar or biometrics.

Aadhaar SMS services can be used even while offline.

- Check service status after enrolling for Aadhaar, ordering reprint or updating Aadhaar data.

Common services can be used to help people who do not have smartphones to access Aadhaar services.