Relationship / Important things about sex that are considered pregnant are almost certain

Zoom News : May 29, 2021, 11:13 AM
Some women become pregnant only in an attempt while some women can do anybody after a lot of effort. Even after all the efforts, most women do not get pregnancy. Health Experts say that in a fix time, the likelihood of pregnancy increases. Pregnancy is possible only after ovulation. Ovalation occurs when AGS is released from Overyday. These egg sperms make a position of pregnancy after fertilizing. When these eggs are released, if there is a sperm in the fallopian tube of women, it is a complete possibility that the Egg Fertilize will be and you can be pregnant. However, most women do not have the right information about the time of the ovulation.

After the ovulation, there is approximately 12 hours to concise (pregnancy). This is because an egg lifetime after the ovulation is only 24 hours. This means that if the egg was not fertilized within 12 hours after the ovulation, the likelihood of pregnancy decreases.

After the ovation, the time of Egg Fertilization is very low. To increase the possibility of pregnancy, should start making physical relations before the time of the ovulation.

The sperm survives for approximately 72 hours inside the uterus, so the likelihood of being pregnant causes sex three days before being ovulated. While doing sex before ovulation, he reflects the already existed by the sperm ags in the uterus.

To know the right time of your ovulation, you can also use ovulation strips. This will help you know when you are going to ignore. With this help you can plan your pregnancy correctly.

Symptoms of Ovalation - The time around the period of the period is time. At the time of ovulation, the body temperature increases to 1 degree. Lutinizing hormone increases which can be measured through the home ovulation kit. Vegetable discharge, stretch in breast and pain on one side in the stomach are its common symptoms