World / Imran Khan said it is not right Time to talk with India After T20 World Cup

Zoom News : Oct 25, 2021, 09:39 PM
Riyadh: The intoxication of victory in the T20 World Cup is raising the head of every common and special of Pakistan. If the public is firing, then the minister ant-shunt is saying anything, now Prime Minister Imran Khan has also given such a statement, which shows to what extent this victory is important for Pakistanis.

Emphasis on improving relations with India

According to Pakistan's SammaTV, Prime Minister Imran Khan told the need to improve relations with India in Saudi Arabia. However, he also said that this time is not appropriate for this conversation. Behind this, Imran Khan gave the reason for the results of the India-Pakistan match held on Sunday.

Not a 'good time' to talk

Actually Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was addressing the Pakistan-Saudi Investment Forum in Riyadh. During this, he said, this is not a 'good time' to talk about improving relations with the neighboring country after India's T20 World Cup loss on Sunday night. He also said, if we somehow improve our relations with India, it will be good for both the countries.

Then Kashmir raga alapa

Speaking from the Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Investment Forum, Imran Khan said, 'There is only one issue between India and Pakistan - Kashmir. It should be resolved like two 'decent' neighbors. We have no issue other than the rights guaranteed by the UN to Kashmiris 72 years ago.