World News / Imran Khan took a U-turn, said - 'If I become the PM of Pakistan again...'

Zoom News : Nov 14, 2022, 06:46 PM
World News: Imran Khan is in the discussion these days in the politics of Pakistan. After the deadly attack on him in the past, he and his supporters are hopeful that in the upcoming elections, his party PTI can come back to power and Imran Khan can become the Prime Minister again. Since the attack, Imran Khan is also interacting a lot with the media and is also revealing his further strategies.

'Relations with America will improve'

In this sequence, Imran Khan has said that, "He wants to improve relations with America when he is re-elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan and he no longer blames America for removing him from the post of Prime Minister." After this statement, it is being said that by saying so, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan has taken a kind of 'U-turn' from his earlier statement. Let us tell you that earlier he had alleged that the US had conspired to remove him from power by supporting the no-confidence motion of the then opposition.

Was out of power in April

Imran Khan, who was voted out of power in a no-confidence motion in April this year, had so far claimed that there was a conspiracy by current Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Pakistan's top security partner America to remove him from office. The US has provided billions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan. Khan claimed that the opposition's no-confidence motion was the result of a foreign conspiracy due to his independent foreign policy on Pakistan's relations with countries such as China and Russia.

statement in an interview

Imran Khan also used to claim that money from abroad was being used to oust him from power. In a media interview, Imran Khan said that he no longer blames the US and wants a respectful relationship if he is re-elected.