LIC / In this scheme deposit 150 rupees every day in the name of daughter you will get full ₹ 22 lakh on marriage know details

Zoom News : Oct 01, 2021, 08:58 PM
How important it is to take insurance for your future, it is proved by the fact that in his speech of 15th August, Modi had talked about giving LIC policy to sisters as a gift. If you also have a younger daughter, then we are going to tell you a scheme in which your daughter will get Rs 22 lakh on maturity. With which you will also be able to get your daughter married well and will also be able to help if you need money in settling her future.

We have brought for you information about such an insurance plan in which the future of your daughter will be secure. This insurance is from Life Insurance Corporation of India ie LIC. Whose name is 'LIC Kanyadan Policy', on the maturity of which the parents of young age will get 22 lakh rupees in it for the marriage of daughters. Under LIC's policy, you have to invest only ₹ 150 per day. When your son gets married, you will get Rs 22 lakh at that time.

20 lakh on the death of the father: After taking this policy, if the father dies in any condition, then you do not have to pay the insurance premium. And the policy continues in the same way. With this, on the death of his father, he gets 10 lakh rupees immediately. Apart from this, if the father dies in an accident, then 20 lakh rupees are available. The biggest feature of this policy is that till the daughter is not married, education is available every year. 1 lakh will be available every year for other expenses. And with this the policy will also continue, you will know more about this policy For this, you should get complete information on LIC's website or from any nearest LIC agent and make every effort to invest in it so that your uncertainty about daughter gets over.