Student MMS Video / Indian Army issued a statement regarding Chandigarh incident, gave this statement about the accused jawan

Zoom News : Sep 25, 2022, 09:28 AM
Student MMS Video: In the case of MMS Video Leaked in the Chandigarh University of Mohali, an army soldier was found involved in the case, which was arrested by the Punjab Police. An officer of the Indian Army has issued a statement regarding this. He says that the Indian Army adopts a policy of zero-tolerance for such behavior and act.

In the matter, an official statement has come out quoting an officer of the Indian Army. He said that the army follows the policy of zero-tolerance in such matters. Also, will continue to help the police for the speedy completion of the case. The arrested accused army jawan was accused of blackmailing a university girl and demanding pornographic videos of other girls.

Army jawan was found accused

As soon as this information was received by the army, they immediately provided all necessary assistance to the Punjab Police and Arunachal Pradesh and the accused soldier was handed over to the police to investigate the matter. The arrested accused was accused of blackmailing a girl from the university and demanding obscene videos of other girls.

The posting of accused jawan Sanjeev Singh was in the area near Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh. This jawan is a resident of Jammu and Kashmir. The old friend of the accused girl had brought her pornographic video to this jawan, threatening to leak it, forcing the army soldier to make videos of the rest of the girls. Earlier, Punjab Police had arrested three accused in this case, including the girl who made the video.