Business / Indian Railways spends a whopping amount annually to clean gutka spit marks

Zoom News : Oct 12, 2021, 09:01 PM
Business Desk : The trouble of the railways has increased due to people traveling on the rail after consuming paan-gutkha or roaming in the railway premises. Actually, the Railways has to spend 1200 crore rupees in the affair of eradicating the spit of such people.

Expenses are also incurred on advertising: The important thing is that the railways also spends on advertisements to stop this movement of passengers. Railways appeals to passengers not to spit here and there through advertisements. Despite this, the situation does not seem to be improving. This is the reason why railways have to spend 1200 crores annually to remove spit stains. Due to this, the cost of railway water also increases. Let us tell you that a fine of Rs 500 is imposed for spreading such dirt in the railway premises.

This is the plan of the Railways: Indian Railways is now working on a new plan to deal with this problem. In fact, three railway zones - Western, Northern and Central - have awarded contracts for this to a startup EzySpit. Through this company, passengers will be able to buy Spittoon Pouch with biodegradable pouch.

You can also keep this pouch in your pocket. You can use this pouch of different sizes more than once. This pouch was made in such a way that the spit in it would become solid. This means that there will be no hassle of falling or spreading dirt. This will be an eco-friendly pouch. At the same time, by using this pouch of passengers, cleanliness will be maintained in the railway premises or train also.