Ebrahim Raisi Death / Iran's government will be run by Mokhbar, who is close to Raisi, elections will be held in 50 days

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 20, 2024, 07:53 PM
Ebrahim Raisi Death: Iran will now run Mohammad Mokhber government. After the death of Ibrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash, Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei has appointed him the head of the government. He will perform this responsibility for the next 50 days. Iran will get a new president after the elections. Till then Mokhbar will take major decisions of the country along with the Speaker of Parliament and the judiciary.

Ibrahim Raisi's helicopter crashed on Sunday evening while returning from Azerbaijan. He died in this accident. Immediately after the accident, due to fear of something untoward, an emergency meeting was called. In this meeting itself, Khamenei had decided that if any untoward incident happens, Mokhber will take over the job of running the government in place of Raisi.

Mokhber has been close to Raisi

Vice President Mohammad Mokhber, appointed by Khamenei to run the government in Iran, was considered close to Ebrahim Raisi. Raisi had named Mokhber as Vice President only after assuming office in 2021. Before that, he was leading a foundation built on the orders of Khamenei, this responsibility was given to him by Khamenei in 2007.

Responsibility given under the constitution

Mokhber has received this responsibility under the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran which was adopted in 1979. Its Articles 130 and 131 mention that if the President is unable to fulfill his duties due to dismissal, resignation, absence, illness or death, the Vice President will perform his duties until the elections are held. However, it is also mentioned in the Constitution that the Vice President can get the responsibility of the President only if the leaders of the Islamic Revolution approve it.

It is written in the Constitution that elections will be held in 50 days.

It is also written in the Constitution of Iran that if for any reason the Vice President is given the responsibilities of the President, then a new President will have to be elected within the next 50 days. Khamenei, who is the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, has also made it clear that elections will be held in Iran in the next 50 days.

Mokhber became the seventh Vice President of Iran

Mohammad Mokhber became the seventh Vice President of Iran. He was born in 1955 in Dezful, Iran. He has two doctoral degrees, one of which is in management. He is the second largest politician after Raisi. After Raisi, if anyone is considered to have the greatest hold on Iran's administration, then he is also an informer. He has also been the Chairman of the Board of Sina Bank and Deputy Governor of Khuzestan Province.

America has banned Mokhber

Mohammad Mokhber, appointed to run the government of Iran, is known as a fundamentalist. Mokhbar was also banned in America in 2010. In fact, Mokhber was included along with Iran's supreme leader Khamenei in the list of individuals who were involved in nuclear or ballistic missile activities. However, after two years Mokhber was removed from this list.