Irfan Pathan News / Irfan angry over the situation in Gaza - 'The whole world is silent on the death of innocent children...'

Zoom News : Nov 03, 2023, 06:30 PM
Irfan Pathan News: The eyes of the whole world are currently focused on the Gaza Strip, where the most dangerous war is taking place. Since the attack by Hamas, Israel has started a campaign to wipe out this terrorist organization and is heavily bombarding the Gaza Strip in every possible way. Thousands of people have lost their lives so far in this bombing and there is a demand from all over the world to stop it. Voices are also being raised from the sports world across the world regarding this and now former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan has also raised his voice against the killing of innocent Palestinian children.

Irfan Pathan is currently doing commentary in the ODI World Cup being held in India. Pathan, who comments on cricket matches, often expresses his opinion on different issues as well. In such a situation, he broke his silence even on the devastation in Gaza Strip and the killing of small children. Irfan made a tweet on Friday, November 3, in which he demanded world leaders to ban this.

The world watching silently

The former Indian all-rounder wrote in his tweet that innocent children aged 0-10 years are losing their lives every day in Gaza and the world is sitting silent. Irfan further said that as a player he can only raise his voice but the time has come for politicians across the world to unite and stop these senseless killings.

More than 9000 people died

Israel's attack on Gaza has been going on for more than 3 weeks. The Israeli Defense Force initially carried out indiscriminate airstrikes with the help of fighter planes and drones to target Hamas positions. For the last few days, the army there has also started ground attacks. Not only this, the Israeli Army has also targeted different refugee camps 2-3 times. So far, more than 9000 people have died in the entire Gaza Strip, including hundreds of women and children.