Virat Kohli News / It was costly for Kohli to take a break from Team India, now this big danger is looming over his head!

Zoom News : Feb 28, 2024, 08:00 PM
Virat Kohli News: Virat Kohli is on a break these days. Away from Team India. He has not played a single test yet in the series against England. And, you all know the reason. Virat Kohli is away from Team India because he has taken leave due to the birth of his second child. However, now it has become costly for Virat Kohli to take this break. Not only this, a big danger also seems to be looming over his head. Now you will think that Virat is in danger? So yes, it is exactly like that.

However, before talking about the danger looming over Virat Kohli, it is important to talk about the loss he has suffered due to taking a break from Team India. If you are wondering why this has cost Virat dearly, then let us tell you that he has suffered the loss in the ICC Test rankings for batsmen.

Virat Kohli's break from cricket proved costly!

ICC has released the rankings of Test batsmen, in which Virat Kohli has lost 2 places. Virat Kohli has slipped from 7th to 9th place in the latest Test rankings. Virat Kohli has 744 rating points.

New Zealand's Kane Williamson, who became a father for the third time, is at the first position in the latest ranking of ICC Test batsmen with 893 rating points. Australia's Steve Smith has 818 points and is at second place. Whereas England's Joe Root is in third place with 799 rating points. Meaning, among the top 4 batsmen of modern cricket, only Virat Kohli is out of the top 5. The remaining 3 have occupied the top 3 positions.

Now this danger is looming over Virat!

Now coming to the danger that Virat Kohli may have to face. This danger is related to his falling out of the top 10 in the ICC Test batsmen's rankings. If Virat does not make a comeback in the last Test against England in Dharamsala, then it is quite possible that he may be out of the list of top 10 batsmen. And, if this happens, the only Indian who appears in the top 10 batsmen of the ICC Test rankings will also not be seen.