Bollywood / Kamal Haasan Daughter Aakshara Haasan Changed Her Religion, Called Herself an Atheist

Zoom News : Oct 13, 2021, 06:40 AM
Bollywood | Today is the birthday of Akshara Haasan, the younger daughter of South Indian film industry superstar Kamal Haasan. Akshara Haasan turns 30 today. Not only down South but Akshara Haasan has also won the hearts of the audience with her acting in Bollywood films. Akshara Haasan has worked with many big actors and has dominated with great films.

have appeared in films

Akshara Haasan's relationship with the film family, she was inclined towards acting from the beginning. Akshara Haasan first started her career as a co-director. In fact, he worked as a co-director for a long time with Rahul Dholakia and after that he made his acting debut. He made his debut with the film 'Shamitabh'. This film came in the year 2015 but this film could not show anything special. After this film, Akshara Haasan was seen in 'Lali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddu Deewana' and then she worked in many films. By the way, Akshara Haasan came into the limelight in the year 2018 when her personal picture was leaked.

private photos were leaked

Akshara Haasan herself had told on social media about her picture being leaked at that time. She had said, 'Some of my personal pictures have been leaked, who did this and why, I still don't know but I understand that it is unfortunate to suffer a young girl like this for my own entertainment and some have not. Shared this picture like this, this thing has broken me from inside, I am helpless. Later Akshara Haasan complained to the police.

Akshara had changed religion

Akshara Haasan, who calls herself an atheist, changed her religion in 2017. Akshara had left Hinduism and adopted Buddhism. Regarding the conversion, Akshara said that she herself took this step after believing in Buddhism.