Entertainment / Kanishka Soni Reacted on Sex and Drunk Troll after marrying herself Viral video

Zoom News : Aug 19, 2022, 07:46 AM
Entertainment | Actress Kanishka Soni, who has worked in TV shows like Diya Aur Baati Hum, Pavitra Rishta, is in a lot of discussion these days about one of her social media posts. Kanishka Soni was recently seen in Maang with vermilion and mangalsutra around her neck and announced that she has married herself. After this, where he was supported by his fans, on the other hand he was also trolled. From sex to Indian culture and getting drunk, many comments were made on her social media posts, to which the actress recently responded openly and shared a video.

Marriage is not just sex...

Kanishka Soni posted a social media post on being trolled on social media after marrying herself. In her post, Kanishka has shared a video, with which she wrote in the caption, 'I know you guys are raising many kinds of questions on my own marriage. I believe in Indian tradition and culture and this is my point of view. Marriage isn't just about sex, it's about love and truth, whatever someone wants but I've lost that trust.

Never used alcohol or any intoxicant...

Kanishka further wrote, 'So it is better that I be alone and love myself, not look outside it but thank you very much that you made my post Google Trend and News, although it was not my thinking. At the same time some people say that I was drunk or I had smoked ganja but let me tell that I am Indian at heart and have never drunk alcohol or anything like that, while I have been in the film industry for a long time. It is a decision that I have taken with all my heart and I am happy that I am in America and focusing on my Hollywood career.

with whom will you have sex?

On the other hand, if we talk about Kanishka's video, the actress is saying in it, 'Hello, I noticed today that very strange comments have been made on the post that I married myself. I have decided this very thoughtfully, many people have also told me that you have left science behind, with whom will you have sex? So let me tell you that if you know this much about science and technology, then let me tell you that technology has gone a long way and according to this also a girl does not need anyone, no man is needed.

I also had a dream of marriage...

Kanishka further says, 'The biggest thing I can tell you is that I have a complete journey, which was my life's dream too. I belong to a small family of Gujarat and I had the same dream, but I never got any such. I always felt that till date I have not found a single man who is sure of his words, so then I decided that I do not need any man. I am independent, I can fulfill my needs.

Did Devi type characters from the beginning...

In the video, Kanishka further says, 'If I talk about Indian culture, I have done goddess type characters from the beginning, I have done South films, but then no one noticed, but today you are all reacting to a post. . I rejected item numbers because of our culture. When I thought of myself, you all are having problems. 90 percent of girls are not happy with their marriage. I have seen girls being assaulted, domestic violence, so I have lost faith in the man. Perfection is seen only in photos.