British Monarchy / Kate Middleton Can not Travel Abroad Without This Outfit

Zoom News : Nov 30, 2022, 10:36 AM
Essential Clothing of the British Monarchy: Kate Middleton and Prince William are one of the most talked-about couples of the British Royal Family. Kate Middleton is unquestionably the most fashionable of the British royal family. While we, you or most people, are faced with the challenge of carrying a minimum of luggage when traveling abroad, the Princess of Wales has an additional issue on her way to Boston this week. The issue is what to keep in a travel wardrobe and what to wear in case of an unexpected death.

It is mandatory to wear black dress

According to Page Six, royals are always advised to follow the black outfit in case of a death while traveling abroad. Page Six is ​​a US based entertainment media house. In this regard, royal history expert Jessica Storoschuk of 'An Historian About Town' told Page Six Style that 'Members of the British royal family are required to travel with a black outfit in case of the monarch or any other senior royal passing away. It is required.

Because of this this rule

Storoschuk says the tradition began when Queen Elizabeth II made the rare mistake of walking without a mourning dress (black clothing) during a visit to Kenya in 1952. She was still in Kenya when her father King George VI died. After the death of her father, the new Queen of England, ie Elizabeth II, was to arrive, but due to lack of black dress, she was forced to wait on the tarmac for the plane, she stayed there until she could be replaced. Could not find a suitable Black Dress for. This is the reason that since that incident, the royal family keeps a black dress in their travel wardrobe.

William is on a visit to Boston today

Kate Middleton and Prince William will arrive in Boston on Wednesday to begin a three-day trip focused on the annual Earth Shot Awards. Before this tour, discussion has started about what will happen in his travel wardrobe.