World / Kim Jong un second daughter wiped out of North Korean propaganda in shocking change

Zoom News : Dec 01, 2022, 04:28 PM
Kim Jong Un Family: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un remains in the headlines for one issue or the other. Sometimes for the missile test, sometimes for his cruel punishment. But these days Kim Jong Un's daughters remain the subject of discussion in the world. A few days ago pictures of Kim Jong's first daughter Kim Joo Ae went viral. Now photos of Kim's second daughter have come to the fore. This girl has been described by Chinese experts as Kim's second daughter. The photo of the girl has been removed from the footage shown on state TV of North Korea. This incident has shocked everyone.

Experts said – Kim may have a second daughter

Actually National Day was organized in North Korea in the month of September. In this ceremony, Kim Jong's second daughter also performed on a song along with other children. During this, Kim and his wife Ri Sol Joo were also present there. Experts having knowledge of North Korea say that the performing girl could be Kim Jong's second daughter. They say that she looks like Kim and she was specially shown in the live telecast.

later deleted face

Interestingly, the video of that girl's performance was telecast again on 19 November. Just a few hours ago, Kim Jong's elder daughter was seen on the country's TV. But a few hours later, when the channel telecasted the same program again, someone else's face was replaced with that girl's. According to the website NK News, this change indicates how sensitive North Korea is about the photo of this girl.

According to the website, Kim Jong may not have felt right that the pictures of the second daughter go viral. Although he has not made any announcement about the daughter till now. According to some people, the administration of North Korea is indicating that this girl is not the daughter of Kim Jong. It is possible that even if she is not Kim's daughter, she can be a member of the family. Please tell that Kim Jong's sister Kim Yo Jong is also the mother of a child. She was also a part of this program.