Special / Kinnars are cremated at midnight, why 'outsiders' are not allowed to see

Zoom News : Nov 09, 2019, 10:09 AM
Often you would have seen that whenever there is a wedding, festival or the birth of a child, the Kinnar(Eunuch) come to our house to give us blessings and go back to their world with money we give them. You have hardly seen them celebrating any festival or participating in any festival. Even today, we do not know about Kinnar's properly, their customs are different from the oppressed world. No one even knows about their funeral. But today we will tell you about some of their customs.

In India, it is believed that the Kinnar(eunuch) may have some spiritual power, which makes him realize his death. TheKinnar (eunuch) stops eating and drinking a few days before his death. And during this time, he does not like to go anywhere. He spends his last time just by drinking water. He prays for himself while dying and for the other Kinnars (eunuchs) that they should not be born in the next life.

The Kinnars(eunuch) from around come to seek blessings from the person who died, it is believed that Kinnar (eunuchs) are very effective at the time of death. Kinnars always takes precaution that no one other than their hardcore circle is informed of his death. Before the last rites are performed, the person who is killed is abused and is hit with slippers and shoes. So that if he had committed a crime, then he gets repented. So that in the next life, he should be born as a full human.

The deceased is not carried on the four shoulders for the funeral but they make him stand and then take him for the funeral. The Kinaars(eunuchs) believe that if an outsider sees the one who dies, then he would again be born as a Kinnar(eunuch) in his next life.

Kinnars funeral takes place at midnight so that no one can see it all. The dead body is buried instead of burning. For a week after Kinnar's death, Kinnar's companions keep a fast for a week and pray for the deceased to be born like an ordinary person in the next life. Kinnar does not get sad about the death of the fellow Kinnar, but instead, they feel happy. There is such a belief that after the death of the Kinnar(eunuch), he has got freedom from this life which is like a hell.

In our India, Kinnars( eunuchs) are seen with a bad eye, but this should not be the case as they are also a human being. They too have grief and suffering. But their life is more painful than a normal person. Therefore, we should also give equal rights to Kinnars(eunuchs).