Special / Know these easy ways the battery life of the inverter will increase

Zoom News : Oct 09, 2021, 07:08 PM
Whether it is a city or a village, an inverter is present in every household. Its importance increases even more for those places where there is more problem of light. In such a situation, it becomes very important to take care of the battery as well as the inverter because, it is very important to take care of the battery for the longevity of the inverter. inverter ki battery kaise bachaye

Some special tips to save inverter life for years (Increase Inverter Battery Life)

Check the water level in the battery every two months

The most important thing to avoid damaging the inverter battery is to check the water level from time to time. Distilled water is used in the battery, which maintains the long life of the battery. This water level in the battery should neither be high nor low. Let us tell you that pouring other water quickly degrades the battery. So check the water level every 2 months.

It is also necessary to know how much charging is

Overcharging any battery will quickly degrade it. The inverter battery has plates. These plates wear out quickly on overcharging. So after the battery is fully charged, turn off the switch. Sometimes there is a fear of battery damage even due to low charge. Therefore, special care needs to be taken regarding charging.

Other causes of battery failure

It is not necessary that the battery deteriorates quickly only if the battery is not watered, overcharged or if the terminal is not cleaned regularly. Sometimes overloading the battery can also cause damage. It is better to choose a bulb than to install a bulb of more watts, which will give more light in the homes even in less watts. Apart from this, keep the battery with the inverter in a place where there is no excess moisture.