Chandigarh University MMS Video / Know what will happen to the leaked MMS of Chandigarh University now

Zoom News : Sep 20, 2022, 10:18 AM
Chandigarh University MMS Video: Date 16 September 2022, Place Chandigarh University Girls Hostel. Many girl students attempted suicide. Reason- The video of these girl students taking a bath was leaked by a student living with them. When the hostel warden inquired, the accused girl confessed to sending the video to her friend. At present, the police has arrested the girl who leaked the video. Also, the two boys who made this video viral have also been arrested. SIT has been formed to investigate the matter.

Question-1: What is the first thing the police do in cases like Chandigarh University video leak?

Answer: The first task of the investigating agency i.e. police is to save these videos of girls from going viral on any platform. Such content is called objectable content. Objectable content includes material such as objectionable videos, photos, voice recordings.

Question 2: Social media is huge. It has multiple platforms, so how does the police identify that platform?

Answer: The police first identify the platform from where the objectionable content has been shared. For this, his first source is the accused, who has shared that photo or video.

If that content is shared on multiple platforms, then the police contact platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter.

Question-3: What does the police do after identifying the social media platform on which the video has gone viral?

Answer: After this the police contact the regulating authority / headquarters of such social media platforms. For this, she adopts two methods-

First- Emergency Disclosure- Under this, the police ask the regulating authority for the phone number and IP address of the device through which the objectionable content has been created and shared. Usually, in cases where there is no emergency, this process is adopted by the police to deal.

Second- Emergency Response- In such a case, the social media regulating authority has to remove the objectionable content immediately. This includes cases of national security, threat to human life and child abuse.

However, for this, the police have to convince the regulating authority that it is necessary to remove such content immediately. After this, they immediately remove the objectionable content from their platform.

Question-4: Can a person get any objectionable content removed by directly talking to social media?

Answer: Yes, any person can directly approach from social media platform. According to IT Rules 2021, all social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter have to appoint their Grievance Redressal Officer in India.

In such a situation, the social media platform has to take cognizance of the case within 24 hours. Also, the matter has to be disposed of within 15 days. In this case also, the social media platform checks whether the content is objectionable or not. If the complaint is found to be true, it removes that content from its platform.