Thanjavur Rath Yatra Accident / Know where the mistake happened? How did the current run in the chariot? 11 people lost their lives in a moment

Zoom News : Apr 27, 2022, 04:07 PM
11 people died tragically due to electrocution during the 94th Upper Gurupuja festival in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Two children are also among the dead. It is being told that during the festival, a Rath Yatra was being taken out in the form of a procession, when a chariot involved in it came in contact with the electric wire and a major accident happened. Let us tell where did the temple administration go wrong and due to which such a painful incident happened…

Mistake here

Before taking out the procession by the temple administration, the high voltage overhead electric line around the temple was not checked. There was no arrangement to cut off the power supply immediately. When the chariot was being pulled, more than 50 people were standing at a very short distance. The car driver didn't even care. Apart from this, the height of the chariot was kept around 9 feet this time. It was decorated with flowers and lights. The lights of the chariot were getting power from the generator running along with it. Usually, during the Rath Yatra, the power supply through the temple is switched off, but this time it was negligent.

How did the current run in the chariot?

According to Thanjavur police, the incident took place at Appar temple in Kalimedu. After the Rath Yatra left the temple, when its turn came, the chariot could not be taken forward due to the net of wires laid above. However, as the chariot was reversed, it contacted the high-tension line and the current spread throughout the chariot. In the pictures of the accident, the chariot can be seen burning. Several devotees who suffered electrocution have been admitted to Thanjavur Medical College, where they are undergoing treatment.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin orders inquiry

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin's office has ordered an inquiry into the incident. Along with this, a compensation of Rs 5 lakh each has been announced for those killed in the accident.