Bigg Boss 17 / Know whether Ankita Lokhande is really going to become a mother, the pregnancy test report of the actress revealed?

Zoom News : Nov 25, 2023, 03:00 PM
Bigg Boss 17: Every day a new controversy and a new fight is seen in the house of 'Bigg Boss 17'. Till now no deep friendship has been seen in the house. Not only this, a fierce fight is also being seen between the couples who have entered the house. Ankita Lokhade and her husband Vicky Jain are seen clashing on some issue or the other every day. There are very few romantic moments of both of them in the show. Now meanwhile, Ankita Lokhande's pregnancy report has also come out. Know whether the actress is really going to become a mother?

Ankita's pregnancy was discussed in the house during this time

Actually, a funny incident happened with Ankita Lokhande in the BB house yesterday. The actress said something in the house that the other members got very excited. Jigna, Rinku and Arun started taking special care of him. Actually, Ankita was also standing there when Rinku and Jigna were sitting. During this time, Tehelka and Arun were also present in the kitchen when Ankita said that something was not feeling good. Feeling like vomiting, feeling like eating sour food. Rinku was shocked to hear this and asked what are you talking about.

Ankita's pregnancy test was done last week.

Ankita felt shy after listening to Rinku and said, no, no, it is nothing like that. I feel something has gone wrong. As soon as Rinku heard it, she said that it sounded like a good mess. After this, Ankita got her pregnancy test done last week, the fans were eagerly waiting for the report of which. It was being said that Ankita would leave the reality show immediately after the pregnancy test came positive. Now recently Ankita's pregnancy report has come out. His fans are looking quite excited to know this.

Ankita's pregnancy test report came out

So let us tell you that Ankita Lokhande's pregnancy test has come negative. That means the actress is not going to become a mother at the moment. Quoting the report, it has been claimed that Ankita Lokhande had undergone all kinds of tests, all of which came negative. This means that at present Ankita is not going to go out of this show. After this news came out, on one hand some of his fans seem happy to hear the news of his being in the show. At the same time, some fans are also looking disappointed after hearing the news of the actress not becoming a mother.